Colour Olympics

Players in remote teams compete in this energizing team activity while working together as a company/group to achieve a common objective. The unbelievable has happened. The Olympic Rings have lost their colours!  You are our only hope to paint regain the colours.  Can you showcase outstanding communication and collaboration skills and rise to the occasion?…

Murder Mystery

The game is custom built to facilitate the discovery of a maximum of connections and conversations in your team. A murder has occurred on the company premises and the best private detectives have been assembled to solve the mystery.  Uncover the Victim, Murder weapon, Witness, Location, Motif and finally the Murderer. The game can be…

Detective Challenge

Players in remote teams compete in the Detective Challenge across a multitude of brand new Virtual disciplines.  Welcome to the school of detectives run by Lucy Holmes.  Participants turn from employees into a group of Detective Graduates.  Under the guidance of our 100% customizable Chatbot and a live Coach, teams complete challenges to prove their…

Culture Trip

Players in remote teams embark on a journey to explore different cultures and traditions across to globe in this high energy, interactive cultural game.

They learn about different cultures and traditions through assignments that will put their remote-working skills to the test. Which team can earn most happiness points in the time available?

Interactive Quiz Show

Participants compete in an interactive, family-friendly, quiz game show. You won’t break a sweat, but you’ll work out your brains, your memory, and your wits.

Led by our host, each round in the game show not only gets participants answering challenging questions but also gets them moving.