Intereactive quiz show

Participants compete in an interactive, family-friendly, quiz game show.  You won’t break a sweat, but you’ll work out your brains, your memory, and your wits.

Led by our host, each round in the game show not only gets participants answering challenging questions but also gets them moving.

This is not your average pub quiz!

The game can be tailored to suit your specific industry, company, learning objectives, region and target demographic.


We take care of everything

Participants receive a link to a live-stream at a set time.  Participants can join alone or in teams, play collaboratively or competitively. 


Warm up round

100% Customizable

Participants go through a warmup of five rounds of fun, high-energy activities.  A series of competitive, customised questions on different topics with intermediate “One Minute Action” activities.

Interactive show

Live presented and streamed

Participants send in pictures or videos of themselves participating. This footage is shared live while we monitor, manage and stimulate the ongoing groups conversation in the live-stream chat.



Award ceremony

Live presented

Awards for winners and spot-prizes are hand out virtually.

  • The Interactive Quiz Show can be organized from anywhere online.
  • It is presented live.
  • All participants will receive a link to the live-stream and the starting time.
    They don’t need any account.
  • We can conduct the quiz using your preferred tools or recommend the best option for your situation.
  • All participants will need internet connection, a pen and some basic household items which we will share before the quiz starts.
  • Participants can play alone or with anyone in their family.
  • Questions are child-friendly!
  • Unlimited participants per session.
  • 30 minutes – 1,5 hours per session.