Culture trip (around the world)

Players in remote teams embark on a journey to explore different cultures and traditions across to globe.  Whilst creating and sharing as much happiness as possible in this high energy, interactive cultural game.

They learn about different cultures and traditions through assignments that will put their remote-working skills to the test.  Communication and collaboration are key, but which team can earn most happiness points in the time available?

Have a nice trip!

The game can be tailored to suit your specific industry, company, learning objectives, region and target demographic.

Pre game

We take care of everything

The entire group is split into teams of 5-6 participants.  Each team receives an invitation letter via email with instructions and a link to join on gameday.

Opening ceremony

Conference tool of your choice

All participants gather in a conference call. The Travel Guide welcomes participants and recaps the objective and mission of the game and how we’ll organise logistically.

Trip around the world

Live facilitating

Participants connect per team in separate breakout rooms or conference calls.  Chatbot Charlie takes the teams on a journey to discover different cultures and traditions across the globe and complete challenges and assignments.  Teams will be in constant contact with a live Travel Guide, who will support them throughout.

Closing ceremony

Live presented

Teams gather back in the main call. During the celebration ceremony we share footage of the game, happiness points are counted and gifts awarded to the winners!

  • All participants dial in remotely.
  • Access to video conferencing tool and a computer with video/audio and access to Chrome/Safari browsers. Some need to WhatsApp or email.
  • All the tools we use require no license and no log in – participants don’t need any accounts.
  • All participants will receive an email 72 hours prior to the game with
    full instructions.
  • There is permanent game facilitation throughout each session for each team.
  • Up to 4000 participants per session.
  • 2 hours per session.